This Is Why Retire On Purpose Is A Massive Part of My Retirement Plan

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I used to help people retire for a living by working to craft the retirement plan of their dreams. But what I learned during my 13 years working as professional “retirement planner” changed my view of the traditional retirement plan forever.

That’s what RetireOnPurpose is all about; a new, powerful of looking at retirement planning. I’m glad you’re here.

This article is the first time I’ve published personally, visibly on my site. Why?

Because I’m more passionate than ever about teaching you to live, work and retire on purpose. I don’t believe in traditional retirement. I see it as a bunch of hype, mostly manufactured by Madison Avenue fat cats who get paid billions by Wall Street fat cats to sell us the dream of saving and investing in our IRA’s and 401k’s.

The pitch is this … one day, maybe, you can retire to a life of rich rewards with oodles of free time to hang out, travel, volunteer, and enjoy your life. Right?

The Truth About Retirement

What’s the truth in America about the retirement plan most people have right now? None. In fact, this Time article tells us 1 in 3 Americans have zero dollars saved for retirement.

But I’m here to tell you that even if you don’t have the money to retire in a traditional sense that you should not have any anxiety about it. You can start right now to look at your retirement plan in a new way and I’m going to help you.

There’s really no point to a traditional retirement! I learned this by watching what happened to the clients I helped retire. Almost every time I helped my former retirement planning clients fulfill their retirement plan dream to retire, play golf, travel, etc., the clients came back to me to tell me they wanted a new plan!

My clients never wanted a retirement plan. They wanted a life plan! Because we don’t talk enough about living, working and retiring on purpose. We focus on the money, the investing and all the stupid distractions that take us away from the entire point to living; being happy doing whatever the heck you want to do with your time. We get distracted from what really counts.

What Do You Really Want for Retirement?

Let’s talk about what you see happening in your retirement? If you’re clear about your retirement plan, great. I hope you’re happy! That’s the key. But if not, what would happen if  you started defining in detail what you really want right now to be happy? Why wait for some future retirement date if you could have what you want sooner, even it it’s just shifting your mindset about your retirement plan right now?

Here’s what happened to me. I used to hate working a normal career path even though I had developed a great, first career path working as a marketing and sales executive for luxury hotel chains? So I quit and faced my fears. I needed to have that feeling of being in control, despite the delusions involved, from an early age.

I made a commitment at the age of 30 to “own my time” and take control of my future as best I could. The funny thing is I then started a retirement planning business to learn and teach everything I could about investing, saving, taxes, insurance, estate planning and more so that I could help people craft a retirement plan. Imagine my shock after learning that there really was no point to the traditional retirement I helped my clients achieve.

For the purposes of full disclosure, I am no longer a professional financial advisor. I don’t “do” retirement planning. I’m living and working and pretty much doing what I want each day. I sold my last wealth management practice to a major, Wall Street investment firm in 2000. By 2002 I was out of the business. In 2003 I started a consulting business that I still own and operate today. You can learn more about me personally here. Mostly, I write, consult, teach, speak and live the dream in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It’s my goal to help you do the same thing. That’s another reason I’m taking a more visible position by writing and posting here. But this is way bigger than me!

This is about you! Everything you find on this site is intended to help you learn how to live, work and retire more on purpose. My highest priority is to deliver articles, interviews, book reviews, online courses, videos and more to help you live a more purposeful life in your later years.

This website is about the community of people we empower! This is about how to be happier, healthier and wealthier through great economic times and even the tougher times that financial markets and life presents us.

Also, please note! We do not offer specific investment, tax, legal, financial, or any other advice. Find a professional you trust for advice. Don’t wing it!

What Does Retiring “On Purpose” Mean for You?

Before I give you an example, here’s the traditional definition for retirement. The Wiki article will tell you that retirement is, “… when a person stops employment completely. Or semi-retires by working part time hours.”

That’s it. But when you stop “employment,” do you stop living? I hope not. In fact, I’ve seen hundreds of people who are miserable doing what they do for a living and they’re saving and investing hoping that one day, some day in the future, they will be able to “retire” and kick back, chill, do nothing and be happy.

But what happens when a person has no meaning and purpose when they wake up every day? Not much. Just look around. Maybe you’ve felt this yourself. Either way, it’s time to help me help you and anyone else who’s interested in learning how to live, work and retire or semi retire “on purpose.”

Here’s the best example in the world for living, working and retiring “on purpose.” Let me introduce you to the Blue Zones. Blue Zones are where people live the longest. Now that scientists have been able to study the people who live in Blue Zones, we can begin to understand how these amazing human beings learn to live the way they do; completely “on and with purpose.”

There is no such thing as retirement for people who live in Blue Zones. They don’t believe in it because they see no point. They view life as a path to mastery. They value family and community more than anything else. If you are born a fisherman, your life purpose is to be the best fisherman you can be. No competition. Just being the best you can be. Same for the farmer, cook, landscaper, painter, gardener, factory worker and everyone else living in Blue Zones. was created to dispel the myths of traditional retirement. In fact, this website was a birthday present to myself for my 55th birthday in June of 2016. I made a decision to “show you” the power of living, working, and semi or fully retiring if that is what you want to do.

What does retirement look like for you? Share your story with us! We are always seeking new contributors. You can send me a message here if you’re interested in writing and contributing your stories, videos or articles with our purposeful community.

How ready are you right now to live, work and retire “on purpose?”

Keep coming back, contact us, leave a comment, share the love.

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