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Blog and Grow Rich: How To Blog Your Way Into Making $1,000,000 Or More for Your Retirement

I have a chill as I begin to write about how to blog and grow rich. That’s because what I’m about to tell you is extremely uncomfortable to me. But it’s also exciting. My brain is kind of attacking me, “Don’t do it.” But I’m doing it despite the voice in my head attacking me. This article is about how to blog and grow rich; maybe even making $1,000,000 or more for your retirement. (No guarantees or get rich stuff here, ever!)

Why is this uncomfortable to share? Because I was raised to believe, “It’s not polite to talk about money.” Yes, that’s how it was when I was a kid. That stuff sticks with me even though I’ve come a long way learning, earning, saving, investing and blowing buckets of money.

I know how to teach you how to blog your way into making $1,000,000 or more for your retirement because I just did it myself. However, this is not about money as much as it is about purpose; my purpose as a teacher, writer, speaker and adviser to CEO’s, business owners and many highly-successful, healthy, wealthy, happy and free human beings.

I learned to blog my way to making more money than I ever dreamed I could as a writer. However, even though I write and edit hundreds of thousands of words per year for myself, my publications and for clients in my marketing consulting business, I really get paid to teach, consult, coach and advise people who read my work.

Let me also disclose how I feel about retirement. Traditional retirement for me and millions of other purposeful people includes being driven by purpose to constantly learn, earn, serve and grow for as long as we are willing and able to do so. That’s all. For example, I believe I semi-retired at 30. My wife laughs. But the truth is when I quite my day job and started my own business, I found my purpose. I was immediately liberated and more free to create what I wanted for myself and my family. Then I did it. Priceless.

Disclosure: 100% of anything you read here is because I have lived this. No get-rich-quick anything here.

Get Paid To Write?

My wife used to ask me, “Do you get paid to write that?” It’s a great question because the direct answer is, “No.” Well, yes, but I get paid for copywriting and hammering out other people’s blogs. I have other writers who work with me. They’re amazing. Client blogging and writing is much different than my own stuff – my really purposeful stuff you’ll find here … blog to grow rich.

What do you love to write, teach and help other people do? Focus on that. I love to write about success, purpose, money, entrepreneurship, spirit, business, sales, marketing, leadership and more. I give all my content away freely. I get paid the most by connecting with people who pay me to solve their sales, marketing, people and technology problems. In short, I have been a fee-based sales, marketing and business adviser for the last 13 years. At one time I even called myself a business coach.

Before that I was a fee-based financial planner and investment adviser for more than a decade. I sold that business in 2000, walked away from the industry in 2002, and vowed to make it back one day to share the things I learned about helping people with their retirement plans, income and tax planning, investment management, estate plans and more.

This is about how to blog and grow rich though. You’ll need to invest in yourself, maybe some software or computer gear, video gear, home office and other resources you can deduct on your tax returns should you choose to operate a small, part or full-time business throughout your retirement like I do. I love what I do. Would you quit getting paid to do what you love to do even if you’re 150 years young and still able to do it?

Welcome to my retirement plan called blog and grow rich at I walk the walk. This is a digital magazine in it’s infancy as I write this. I see looking back at this five and ten years thinking about posts like this; 10,000 posts or more later. This online community is a place I and many others can share our knowledge, experience, desires and challenges along the way. We learn, earn and serve. We are rich with purpose. Everything else is cake.

Blog and Grow Rich

I read my first book about blogging in 2006. I can see it sitting on my bookshelf right now, Blog Wild, by Andy Wibbels. (Thanks, Andy!) To me, it is priceless because after I finished the book I vowed to start my first blog. My first blog is no longer alive because I killed the old brand and pivoted into the company I own and run now, Conversion Marketing Experts, LLC. My main business is our small team of content marketing experts who offer tons of resources. We help CEO’s and business owners with sales and marketing strategy, planning and ROI-based, data-driven marketing. It’s not for the weak of heart and I love it, despite some challenges like with any other small business.

I blog and grow rich because I love to write, even if I hack it sometimes. (Sorry Tom Diehl. He was my high school tennis coach and English teacher and The New Hampton School. I was never very good at school. But I love to learn, read and write.)

The more I practiced writing, the better I got. Yes, you will see some typos on my blogs, or worse. But I blog and grow rich every day.

When I started my blog and grow rich plan, I committed to write one blog post a week even though nobody might see it. I didn’t care. It compelled me to read and learn all the time. I still read over 50 books a year and more. I read and write to become a better writer and I blog and grow rich because that’s what brings me traffic and a growing social media presence I don’t like to brag much about. (Perfectionist issues.)

The pros tell us if we want to be a better writer or blogger, write more. Read more too. So I do that all the time, like now. I hardly ever missed a week of blogging since 2006. I write for The Business Journals, Medium and the Huffington Post blog too. I journal, draw, whiteboard, and create all sorts of ideas that I organize and filter into this plan to blog and grow rich.

How disciplined are you? You’ll need it to blog and grow rich. Trust me.

When I wanted to be a championship tennis player I hardly ever missed a day of banging tennis balls. If it rained I visualized playing tennis. I never made it the pros, but I had an amazing tennis career. I visualize all the time, hack through accelerated learning and have paid coaches and self taught myself all of the content marketing, blogging and technology things I needed to learn. It has been painful at times. Imagine your brain’s neurons exploding into new knowledge you can use to blog, teach, consult and more. I may never sell any books list on my Amazon author page. But I have an amazing blogging and consulting career because I keep my word to myself; almost every week since 2006 I have written, edited, published, distributed and tracked the analytics for my blog post. Discipline is required.

Today I blog with the clear intention of sharing how you can apply what I have learned. You can see my doing right here, now, at I was not ready to teach this before. Now I am. Blogging and building any business is NOT easy. Let me assure you. There is a ton of learning, practicing, investing in yourself and tools you’ll need, time, patience and luck. Most of all, purpose is what matters. If you LOVE your subject matter and can be disciplined to write, edit and publish quality work, you can blog and grow rich too. At first, you won’t be rich with money. You will be rich with purpose if you are honest with yourself. This must be enough for you to commit to doing the rest over many years to come. You can completely fail, too. The worse that can happen is not one person ever reads your blog and you lose some money learning and giving it your best shot.

I don’t know how I will teach this blog and grow rich stuff yet. But I’ll figure it out soon. All I know is I am 55 and there’s no way I can’t share what I’ve learned with you. I’ll give you as much of what I know away as I can if you keep coming back to read, comment and contribute to This helps me help you. I want and need to hear from you. Leave me comments, email me. We can even schedule a time to talk if you want.

My Experience

It wasn’t always this way. While I have made a great living and I am blessed to wake up every day and live the work of my dreams, I’ve made a ton of mistakes and spent a lot of time searching in many of the wrong places to get where I am today. You have your story, too. We learn as we grow.

Over the last 55 years I’ve learned a few things about building a career, starting a family, having children, being a father, starting a small business on a shoestring and dreaming, selling, marketing, writing, speaking and teaching my way to make way more than $1,000,000. But the most important lesson of all is knowing the sheer power of purpose in my life and work. Nothing can stop me when I am clear and confident about my professional purpose.

How on purpose are you? If you live, work and plan to retire on purpose, wonderful! Thank you for being here. Keep coming back. If you are searching, you are here, now, for a reason. Trust listen. Listen to your heart. What is it you want to do with your life, work and retirement?

My experience purpose is the ultimate wealth. It’s the driver of my amazing health and what I consider the most important wealth of all. Am I a worth a lot of money if you look at my balance sheet? I am happy. That’s what counts. Not comparing myself to anyone. That’s what counts. You’re not in a comparison game. This is your life, your work and retirement plan. it’s up to you to learn, earn and grow. Or not. It all gets driven best by your purpose, not mine.

Richest Person In the World

Want to feel like the richest person in the world? Connect with your highest and best purpose, today, now. This is not only about money. However, you can make a lot of money and have fun if you love to blog and grow rich, starting with purpose. No purpose, no luck.

Want to learn how to blog your way into making $1,000,000 or more, over the next ten years, based on my personal and direct experience the last ten? Great, because that’s a longer process and conversation. It could be dozens of blog posts, videos and more. It could be a course soon because online learning, eLearning, will be a significant part of in the future.

For now, please tell us how you want to learn more about this …

  1. We blog more and get more specific like lay out a road map?
  2. Create some free videos and publish them here?
  3. Line up some live classes to teach you for free, the basics?
  4. Charge you for workshops to give you a step-by-step process to follow?

We need and want your input on how to do this best. I am past my fear and discomfort about talking about what I made or what I think you can make. However, look more at this from a purpose standpoint, not money.

Can you see yourself waking up every day and blogging your way to making $1,000,000 or more for your retirement? Great. Leave a comment below or reach out to us here.

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