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How to Use Your Retirement to Change the World

By Clifford-Jones / July 30, 2019

If you’re thinking out of the box about your retirement plan, and you have a zeal for making a difference in the world or in your backyard, this article is for you. For many people, retirement is a day they’ve dreamed of – the freedom to do what they want without the chains of their […]


How to make $50,000 a year selling what you know as a freelancer.

By Clifford-Jones / April 8, 2019

If you don’t know what a freelancer is all about, you will now. I just wrote an article for my personal blog about the power of freelancing. The reason I am bringing this knowledge to my readers at is there are millions of Baby Boomers and younger people who want to retire but can’t […]


This Is Why The Real Measure of Wealth Is Not Money

By Clifford-Jones / May 24, 2017

If money were the measure of real wealth, every wealthy person would be happy, truly happy. But we know this is not true. This post is about a simple exercise to help you be happy, healthy, wealthy and free. It’s also about giving you a snapshot of what really counts in life, more than money itself. […]


Money Doesn’t Mess Rich Families Up, Drama and Trauma Does

By Clifford-Jones / April 12, 2017

Have you ever met a really messed up rich person and wondered how it’s humanly possible to be miserable in life while being really rich? This post is about the how the pursuit of the almighty dollar, at the expense of everything else, can cause massive trauma for families and what you can do to […]


What Is Your Definition of Retirement?

By Clifford-Jones / February 3, 2017

What is your definition of retirement? Maybe there’s one word that comes to mind for your retirement. Maybe a few sentences can describe what you see. It could be you don’t know and don’t believe there is no way you will be able to afford to retire, ever.


50+ and Need More Income? Maybe It’s Time to Start Consulting

By Clifford-Jones / January 10, 2017

If you’re 50+ and need more income, what would it look like to earn extra money as a consultant, coach or trusted adviser? If you believe it’s time to start consulting, this could be a great way for you to generate income. Talk about taking the pressure off your portfolio, what if you had a […]


Which Investments Are Right for You? Here’s How To Tell

By Clifford-Jones / January 6, 2017

If you’re wondering which investments are right for you, here’s how to tell. The asset classes you invest in can make or break your financial stability during retirement. A diversified portfolio minimizes your overall risk, but knowing which investments fit you is the most crucial factor for safe, smart investments. While millions of people choose […]

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