Here’s An Easy Way To See How Happy You Are – Know Your Return On Life

what is your return on life today?

Want to see how happy you are in the Ten Realms of A Purposeful Life? I’ve written before about my little experiment that’s turning into something my family and friends really enjoy talking about and sharing.

I call it the Return On Life Index. I created it to work through my personal intentions for living, working and retiring more on purpose. I’d been to tons of seminars, read hundreds of books, written and published hundreds of thousands of words, and I still needed a better way to connect, see, feel and trust my way to a more purposeful life, now.

Here’s why using my Return On Life Index is fun.

Last night my wife, our youngest son, Alex (25), and his girlfriend, Ali, and I were visiting at home after work. I showed them my designer’s newest rendition of The Return On Life Index. I created the original, my less-pretty version for my personal use a couple of years ago. It keeps getting better because I keep sharing it with people.

Now I’m sharing it with y0u.

Why was last night so special?

Because we had one of the best conversations any family could ever have! When I listened to these amazingly-purposeful family members share their numbers, they were mostly 8’s, 9’s and 10’s. Sure, no life is perfect. That’s why it’s important to use the Ten Realms of A Purposeful Life – keep life in balance and perspective.

I’m sharing this story because it illustrates the power of focusing on what really counts in life; being happy.

How happy are you? I suppose it depends which area of your life we’re talking about.

The Ten Realms of A Purposeful Life

  1. Mind, mental health, clarity.
  2. Body, fitness, health, energy. (Not about working out excessively!)
  3. Spirit, belief is something bigger than your ego!
  4. Family.
  5. Friends, social influence.
  6. Career or business.
  7. Creative flow, artistic expression.
  8. Income, cash flow.
  9. Net worth, how much you keep.
  10. Service to others, volunteering, etc.

what is your return on life today?

How It Works

Follow these simple steps for creating more awareness and getting what you want …

  1. Review the Ten Realms of A Purposeful Life image. Print it out and share it if you’d like. I’m an abundance guy. And copyrights can be overrated.
  2. Assign a number of joy, happiness to each of your ten realms. Be spontaneous. Pick the number you FEEL. Not think.
  3. Start creating of what you want for each realm of a purposeful, super-happy life. Pick one thing you FEEL most passionate about, first.
  4. Begin listing what you will DO to begin getting what you want. Keep it simple. Be realistic. Breath deeply and connect with your willingness based on the purpose you FEEL for the activities. Sometimes you will simply need to, “chop wood, carry water.” All successful people are willing to DO what it takes to get what they want, as long as it is best for everyone involved.
  5. Finally, write a descriptive statement that begins with, “I am …” Write up to 250 words, several sentences, describing what it is you are achieving, doing, and feeling. In other words, use this process to begin SEEING, FEELING and TRUSTING “as if” your purposeful life, work, income, family and everything else is what you want it to be.

Let me assure you that there are no instant results. This is not the law of attraction stuff. It’s another way of learning to live, work and purpose by being what you really want to be, now.

Why wait?

You can start this now. Assess where you are by going through The Ten Realms. Begin your inner search. Start a new journal, dream book, or whatever it is you use to organize your thoughts, feelings and activities.

If you need help, contact me.

Or leave a question or comment here on the blog. This is important because purposeful people embrace contributing, sharing and talking openly about how we can live, work and retire on purpose.what is your return on life today?

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