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Here’s the Secret for Building Your Body, Even When You Are 93 Years Young!

Do you believe in the power of building your body in retirement, no matter how young you are? This article is about the power of building your body, mind and spirit without ever giving up.

Our small team of writers and techies behind the scenes here at believe retirement as we know is dead; the entire concept of retirement has been redefined from only a generation ago into living, working and retiring on purpose.

A huge part of this relates to building your body as much as your mind and spirit when approaching your retirement plan and lifestyle. New studies in the realm of the human brain, neuroplasticity and mindfulness all reveal that the connection between mind and body is real. Most importantly, no matter how “young” we are, there is always the opportunity for building our body and mind when we live, work and retire on purpose.

The Cost of Being, “Too Busy.”

Ever met a person who’s always “too busy” to take care of their health and wealth?

We all do. Just look around at how millions of people treat their bodies. While it’s clear there are serious consequences for NOT living, working and retiring on purpose, the growing community of “purposeful people” like you demonstrate that there is no limit when it comes to building our bodies, minds and spirits well into our retirement years all the way to the very end.

The growing community of purposeful people coming to take a completely different approach to life after 50. There is no finish line for us!

What is your greatest joy these days? Purposeful people embrace being healthy. If so, maybe it’s your health that you find great joy in these days. If not, what will it take to change this? Commit to building your body, learning new skills and hobbies, serving and earning more as you grow young.

Purposeful people view our the health of our bodies and minds as our greatest wealth. This means our primary focus when working on our retirement plan is to remain active, engaged, learning, growing and serving. No finish line as they say.

Here’s one of the best examples of a person who lives, works and retires on purpose. His name is Charles Eugster. Here’s his talk at TEDxZurich. This has to be one of the best messages for all of us to embrace and practice.

It’s never too late to start building your body in retirement; right now! In case you’re “too busy” to invest a few minutes to watch Charles TEDx talk, he names three, keys to living, working and retiring “on purpose.” This is amazing because it’s completely in line with how people live in the Blue Zones around the world.

  1. Work. See what Charles says about this.
  2. Diet. You are what you eat.
  3. Exercise. Never stop!

How is it possible to work and retire on purpose when the common perception for retirement is we get to stop working? Simple.

Purposeful people find tremendous joy and purpose in their work. So why stop working if you love what you do and you get to wake up every day of your life as if, “every day is a holiday?” Plus, think of the pressure it takes off you and your investment adviser to create additional income from your portfolio. Take less risk in the markets, sleep well at night! Imagine that.

Mind over matter. That’s it. Purposeful people KNOW that retirement as we know it is dead. We wake up most days on fire, full of purpose and energized to take on all of the challenges that lie ahead.

How well are you doing at building your body in retirement or right now, leading up to your purposeful retirement plan launch date?

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