How Happy Are You? Here’s A Quick Way To Figure Out Your “ROI On Life” for Retirement

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What do you focus on the most to be happy? We all seek to be happy, but is seems there is always something that’s not quite right. This article is about your Return On Investment for your life. Maybe we can call it the return on life index, also. It’s a quick and easy way to see the big picture.

If money is your primary retirement focus, you’re not alone. At we believe money is always an important part of the retirement plan equation. But it’s not everything or even close. Yes, it’s true that the biggest risk we all face in retirement is outliving our money.  But we don’t live in fear. We don’t obsess over money. We simply live on purpose and everything else falls into place just right.

Put money aside for minute and ask yourself how happy you are. Be honest about this. Rigorously honest because if you truly want to live, work and retire on purpose, lying is only cheating your higher self. It’s called living in integrity; being whole and true to purpose for living in this moment.

Purpose shifts at various stages of life. The shift from living in career, business and work mode to semi-retirement and retirement is one of the biggest shifts humans make. We spend a lot of time worrying about money even if we have a lot of it. That’s right. Even people with a $30 million net worth have fears, too. Let this shift be driven by your search for a deeper connection to purpose.

A few years ago I was doing some serious thinking about my transition to retirement. I tell everyone I know I don’t want to retire because I love what I do. But, what this really means as I grow older I focus more on my heart than my wallet or my head. Yes, as I age I will probably work less, also. But I will always seek to serve, consult, write, publish, speak and teach until the day I leave this place. Because all of those things fit my purpose for being here to help you.

Take A Close Look

What do you see when you look in the mirror? When I take a close look in the mirror I want to see the big picture. I want to analyze each element of life that contributes to the whole of being happy, living and working on purpose. I want to be happy, healthy and have enough cash flow and money in the bank to know that no matter what happens, I’ll be okay.

Before I give my ROI On Life Index I used to help my deep search for my purpose and meaning, I have to tell you about my amazing wife for more than three decades … any time I fall into fear, self doubt, shame, guilt or worry over money, my business interests, investments, health, our two grown sons or anything else that matters to us she will tell me, “Honey, it’s going to be okay.”

I can’t tell you how wealthy that makes me feel. I share this because it’s a phenomenal example of how living and working on purpose has helped me be far more aware of the many gifts in my life that have nothing to do with money. Getting along with my wife, business partners, clients and even the tax man is all part of living, working and retiring on purpose.

This happens because when you become more aware of the following areas in your life, both the good, the bad and the ugly, you can start asking for help. For example, if you have fear about investments, where can you get help you can trust? Or the IRS, one of my favorites? Get a tax expert. We all need help in many areas of our lives. Again, be honest with yourself when you rate your ROI On Life.

Where Are You Now?

Welcome to The ROI of Life Index. I created this simple scale to help me and my family create a better life. I share it with you because I hope it will help you as much as it helps me every day. What does success look like in life for you? Why are you working so hard every day? When will you know you’ve “made it” in life and you’re as happy as you can be? Is there no finish line in sight?

These are among the big questions in life like, “Why am I here?” or “Where am I going?” Here’s what we know for sure: stress is the number one thing that kills life. Stress is the opposite of Joy. It is what robs us of our health, family, friends, and money if we let it. We all know stress in one form or another. Perhaps it’s work related or tied to money. Maybe it’s a loved one that presents challenges or your health has failed you.

Sadly, only a minority of people have learned to manage stress well through proper education, reading, better nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise and even meditation or mindfulness. Chances are they learned the hard way by making mistakes in life and adapted to create a better way of living. To the contrary, look at the massive impact of PTSD on our Veterans or anyone subjected to extreme stress for long periods of time. Their quality of life, their ROI of Life, diminishes beyond imagination. We all face challenges. The issue is what we do about them.

The only way to create a better life, a life full of health, happiness and joy instead of stress, sickness and death is to increase our awareness and do something about it. The ROI of Life is a simple tool to help you increase your awareness as you seek to create a better life. Think of the happiest, healthiest people you know. Why are they the way they are? And when they take The ROI of Life into consideration will they have a high ROI or a low ROI? Chances are they will have a high ROI on life because they are full of Joy, whatever that looks and feels like to them.

Your Return On Investment (ROI) … On Life

This ROI Index is about your life. The bottom line is you have invested a lot to get where you are today. How much education, knowledge, experience and wisdom you carry is a function of your commitment to live, work and retire on purpose. Congratulations!

For some people being happy is about having lots of money. For others, their entire lives are devoted to service, or family, maybe even God. Success is relative. So I built The ROI of Life to reflect Joy as the ultimate measure and return on life. Here’s what the ROI of Life formula looks like:

Here’s how to use the index. Rate each category 1-10, 10 being you feel most complete, whole, and fulfilled. Then total each of the 10 categories up to 100. Don’t think too much about each segment. Just reflect for a moment and look inside your heart. Quickly pick a number and write it down. If you’re using your Purposeful Retirement Plan journal or notebook, don’t get your head get too involved.

  1. Spirit/Soul:
  2. Mind:
  3. Body:
  4. Family:
  5. Artistic Expression (Creative outlets.) :
  6. Social Equity (Friends, social reach, influence.):
  7. Income (Cash Flow):
  8. Wealth (Net Worth):
  9. Business, Career, Retirement Joy:
  10. Service to Others:

Grand Total:

Now What?

This is where you are now. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. No judgement! As you work through your purposeful retirement plan with us we’ll help you build the awareness, relationships, knowledge and courage to live, work and retire on purpose. Please keep coming back.

Now that you know more about the ROI On Life Index and how it can help you, relax. Commit to the journey that never ends; learning, serving and growing. There is no sense in comparing yourself to others. You may share this index with your family and friends in an informal way. Or invite them to read it here. If you feel they seek guidance and mentorship with this, please contact one of our sponsors, affiliate partners or the professional of their choice.

I hope you find The ROI On Life Index to be useful. I look at this just about every morning shortly after I wake up to sip coffee, read and contemplate the rest of my day. It helps me see “the big picture” and then to drill down into the areas of my life where I need and pray for more guidance, always grateful for where I am in the moment. Infinite gratitude, abundance and love is the goal. These are the highest and most powerful energies in the Universe along with Love, of course. I do my best to stay out of my own way, out of my ego, which is one of the keys for me having a higher ROI on Life.

Keep using this and meld it in with the other tools you use to improve your life. This tool is all about increasing awareness of energy. Let me know what you think of this as you use it. I am always interested to know more about your story …

Here’s to increasing your ROI of Life!

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