What Do You See In The Future for Your Retirement Plan?

When it comes to your retirement plan, what do you see? Be honest. Do you have a crystal-clear vision for what your ideal retirement plan looks like?

If not, here a few suggestions that helped me formulate what I consider to be the perfect and highly-purposeful retirement plan. I’m only 55 and when I qualify my age, I mean … I FEEL young. Hopefully you do also. It helps when you get to wake up every day and live, work and retire on purpose.

Regardless of where you are on your purposeful retirement planning journey, follow these steps to build your vision for your future. Even if you choose to work part-time and ease into semi or full retirement, it’s your plan! You have to create it and follow through to get where you want to go.

Here’s how …

  1. Build a bold vision for your retirement plan. Accept the fact we get what we think about. Seeing something is thinking about it visually. If you believe you can think your way to a more purposeful retirement plan with plenty of income, health and time to do what counts the most, so be it. If you believe you can’t, then you’re right about that too.
  2. Know this is not only about income and money. It’s about learning to find joy in your daily life. You must be energized and empowered by your purpose in your retirement years. Your purpose leads you to meaning and this drives what you see and want for your future. Money is a byproduct of your vision and how you show up every day.
  3. Commit to learning something new every day. Want to grow your brain! Feed it with new knowledge and skills you enjoy practicing.
  4. Learn to be still; quiet. Go inside for the answers you seek! Begin to shift your awareness to what you’re feeling deep inside, dust off your journal and start getting quiet!  That may seem goofy, but it’s not. Learning to be mindful, still, quiet and calm enables you to process all that is in your mind and heart. Build time in the morning and at night before you go to sleep and take note of what it is you can do build a more purposeful job, life and retirement plan starting right now.
  5. There’s no finish line in purposeful retirement planning. You can always see something new and reinvent your plan, then go for it. At this stage of life many of us can rely on greater insight, trust, wisdom and confidence when we make any change in life. If we resist change, we lose the game of life. Embrace change and give it all you’ve got to the finish line.

Start here. Never give up creating! There’s far more you can learn when it comes to being more purposeful and creating a retirement plan that gives you joy and whatever else you seek.

What Do You See?

What is it you see for the future and your retirement plan? If there is something holding you back more than anything else, take a close look at this. Again, be still, listen to your heart. Feelings are the teacher we can choose to heed, or not.

Often we think the issue is lack of abundance, opportunity, maybe money. Sometimes it’s health. But whatever it is you want, just be clear and know that if it’s meant to be, and you give it your very best, you will likely get what you want.

Purposeful retirement planning is a mindset. It’s also a way of embracing living, working and retiring to the fullest extent; on purpose with your clear, powerful intention and follow through.

Yes, follow through. It’s not enough to tell the Universe what it is you want to attract. You have to learn to perceive, know, learn and receive to achieve the purposeful retirement plan of your dreams.

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