The Blockchain: This Is The Future of Money and Trust

When it comes to moving your money to and from your bank account, who do you trust?

Your bank, maybe a credit union. Maybe not so much since 2009 when we experienced the most severe recession we’ve seen in decades. Most of us have changed the way we look at money, our work, and what really matters in life.

What’s wrong with trusting your bank, or any other middle man?

Many of lost trust far before 2009. Since, we’re reminded every day how little we can trust much of anything we see in the media, let alone from the people who employ us, or send us our retirement checks and benefits.

Ask the middle men who were managing the biggest banks and investment companies in the world. What did they know? Perhaps only they were “too big to fail.”

But of course, that came at the taxpayers expense.

Now it’s time to learn about distributed networks and how the future of money is here, now.

Blockchain and Crypto currency is here to stay. Get the facts about what Blockchain here at Wikipedia.

And here’s a great video about Blockchains and how this technology opens an entirely new level of transparency, speed and trust and trust for many transactions far beyond money.

Stick around because we’ll cover much more on the future of “trust” as we know it.


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