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This Is Why The Real Measure of Wealth Is Not Money

If money were the measure of real wealth, every wealthy person would be happy, truly happy. But we know this is not true. This post is about a simple exercise to help you be happy, healthy, wealthy and free. It’s also about giving you a snapshot of what really counts in life, more than money itself.

What I know from experience creating my own wealth, raising a family, being married for more than 31 years, and building and selling several, small businesses, is that money is only part of the equation, but my no means the real measure of wealth.

What is the truest measure of real wealth? I believe it’s being happy because we feel the core elements of life are aligned and balanced. I call these the 10 Realms of Real Wealth. I created a simple measure for real wealth by aligning the 10 realms of real wealth into a single document. That’s the image you see. Contact me to get a copy for yourself. I’m happy to send you one for free.

If you want to see how really wealthy you are, go through the following process. I call this the Return On Life Assessment. I use it at the beginning of almost every coaching and workshop launch. I use it personally often because it keeps me centered and focused on how to continue increasing my real wealth. I believe there is no such thing as human perfection. So I choose to focus on constant and continual progress. The Return On Life Assessment makes this easy for me and the people I teach and coach.

Seeing your Return On Life is easy, by design. You can go through the exercise in a matter of minutes and develop simple intentions, goals, and action steps to which you can commit, or not.

First, look at each of the ten realms of real wealth below. Second, assign a number between 1 and 10 to each realm. Don’t overthink this. Just assign a number that represents how you honestly feel about your progress in each realm. Trust your gut more than your head! Third, total the numbers for each of the 10 realms and you’ll have a measure of your real wealth between 1 and 100.

If your number is low, don’t beat yourself up! That never does any good. However, in any realm you seek to improve upon, be honest with yourself, and list what it is you seek to improve in this realm. Then you can define what you are willing to do, by when. Choose a date that is realistic.

One of the most essential elements as you build your awareness of the 10 realms is to commit to doing what it takes to get the progress you seek. I suggest you see what you want for each realm, in other words create what you want with clear intention, commit to doing the next action step towards progress, and trust that by focusing on your intention, goal, and your commitment that you will serve your next, highest purpose to make progress. In other words, create, commit and serve! (This is my tag line for my personal brand at

The ten realms of real wealth …

  1. Spiritual health. I put this at the top of the list because I believe spiritual health drives everything else. This is my opinion based on direct experience.
  2. Mental health. Without a healthy mind, where would we be?
  3. Physical health. Physical health is paramount to real wealth. You only know this if you’ve ever lost your health.
  4. Family health. Family is a reflection of who we are.
  5. Service to others. When you get too focused on yourself, it can get dark, fast. This is why service to others is a massive element of real wealth.
  6. Friends and network. Your network of people is a reflection of who you are. I believe our network relates closely with our net worth.
  7. Career/business health. Most of us spend so much time at work that we get out of balance. Assess this truthfully, or suffer the consequences.
  8. Creative flow. When I am at my best my creative flow to write, teach, speak and coach is at it’s peak. This attracts abundance.
  9. Income/cash flow. We all value how much we make. Creating income is a function of all of the above.
  10. Assets/net worth. This is a reflection of what you keep after you pay taxes, save and invest wisely.

I find that most people I teach and coach end up between 60 and 90. There is no scientific data to surmise here. It’s simply a measure of how we see and feel how wealthy we are.

I know that creating and practicing my intentions around the 10 realms of real wealth has helped me immensely. I trust that it will help you also.

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