What Is Your Why for Retirement?

When it comes to creating the purposeful retirement plan, income and life of your dreams, why do you wake up every day?

This may seem like a crazy question, but getting to the root of why you wake up every day determines how energized, healthy, wealthy and purposeful you live your life.

“The purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

I love this quote because it answered for me the question I asked from a very early age, “Why I am I here?” Simple. It’s to discover my gifts, what I do best including the things I enjoy that give me abundant energy when I do them. Same for you.

What Is Your Gift?

Do you know what your gift is? Most of us have several, but there is generally one that provides you with the deepest meaning and purpose. If you know for sure and you wake up every day on fire, full of energy and can’t wait to start your day, fantastic! You’ve discovered your gift and you are living on purpose like me and millions of other people who found their way.

If not, you get to learn how to build on your gifts and purpose by getting our eCourse, articles and more. If you’re here now there’s a reason. You’re searching for something more. And finding it begins with getting clear on your gift, purpose, story and how to get where you want to go next. That’s what the purposeful retirement plan is all about.

Those of us who are blessed enough to discover our purpose and live with it every day choose to share the wealth! That’s right. Living, working and retiring on purpose is the GREATEST WEALTH you or I will ever have. Ever.

Not money, fame, big houses, fancy cars and all that stuff. Nope. It’s not of that and you know this to be true if you’ve had and found the same emptiness in the trappings of life.

Stuff Is Worthless. Purpose Is Priceless.

Have you ever met a really rich person who was miserable and you couldn’t understand why? Purpose. They lacked a deep connection to their true self, their gift and their purpose. Tragic, but it happens all the time.

When people get too self focused, too obsessed with stuff, they are living, working and retired OFF purpose. You can see it because these are the least happy people. No, money can’t buy you happiness. But it can make life easier if you don’t have a bunch of money “head trash” holding you back. More on that later.

Want to read about the Blue Zones around the world where people live the longest because they are living and working completely on purpose? Check out this article about how people living on purpose in the Blue Zones push 100 years of joy.

Connecting With Your Purpose.

How do you feel rich, wealthy, happy and healthy no matter how much money you have? Simple. You wake up every day to live, work and retire on purpose. You make a conscious decision to find purpose and live it. And that’s what this community is all about. Not just investments, money and the typical trappings of wealth.

You know you have found your purpose when someone asks you what you do and you can tell them from the bottom of your heart exactly what it is that you do to make your life rich, and the world a better place. And it makes you shine from the inside out!

That’s how you know you’re living, working and retiring on purpose. You’re happy! Which means chances are you are healthy. Given this, you have all the opportunity in the world to create the financial wealth you seek.

We’ll help you with this in other ways with investment planning education, articles and more if you seek guidance in this regard. Or, trust your financial, tax and legal advisers to guide you. Chances are they know best their trade. If you don’t have advisers you trust, find them and be willing to pay them what they are worth before you make a mistake that ends of really costing you.

Retirement Plan Action Step …

(This is step #2 in the Purposeful Retirement Plan ecourse you  can get here.)

Get clear on your why. This is your action step for today.

If you are part of our planning group, get your journal and dedicate at least 20 minutes today to being quiet, without interruption, emails or any distractions, and start writing about why you believe you are here right now.

Contemplate the question, What is my primary gift that you are willing to GIVE away?

Now, it’s also possible to generate income with your gift and desire to help others. But first, you must get more clear and confident about why you wake up every day to do what you do.

If it’s boring, shift! Commit to taking a bold, new stand for your gifts and living, working and retiring on purpose.

You can’t take your gifts, money or stuff with you when you leave this place. But you sure can focus on building a rich, purposeful life around giving your gift away or selling it for what is worth to willing and able buyers.

P.S. I would be remiss if I did not give due credit to Simon Sinek for his thought leadership and world-famous TED Talk with almost 30 million people who watched it. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s amazingly powerful. Check it out and relate what you learn about the power of why, purpose and story, when thinking about your retirement plan and connecting with deeper meaning and purpose for your work and life.

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