How Will What OPEC Does Next Affect Your Retirement Plan?

opec oil

How does what’s happening in the oil markets affect your retirement plan for people who focus on living, working and retiring “on purpose?” Not much. Here’s why.

One of the top-trending new stories today is about OPEC and their “last ditch” effort to “save” the oil deal. If you click through to the Business Insider headline you can see their spin taken on a similar article that Reuter’s posted here.

So what’s the deal with OPEC, the price of oil and you? Not much if you’re not invested in energy stocks or mutual funds that would be impacted by the outcome of negotiations today.

But the media wants us to think this is a big deal. Like me, all writers and publishers want to get people to read what they write. However, it’s important to remember the intention of the intention for the mainstream media; keep you reading, visiting, coming back and spending more time on their website so the publisher can sell more advertising.

This is a simple formula to understand from the media and any advertiser’s perspective and millions of people need and want daily news fed to them with the spin in the headlines and stories.

Why do I bring this up? Because there’s a huge, potential cost to the hype and spin of everything we read and it’s essential for you to focus on what the information really means to you, your money, and your highly-purposeful life.

In the end, what happens today or tomorrow with OPEC, the price of oil, currencies, bonds and anything else that relates to your savings, investments, monthly income and retirement plan is not terribly relevant. News is news and the intention of news is to keep us coming back to it so advertisers are happy when we buy stuff. What keeps us coming back? Emotional buy in and finding the news that feeds us what we think we want to know.

I hope this helps you get more clear on the areas of your life which need work in terms of being happy and where you want to be. Remember also the power of gratitude when it comes to the areas of life that are working well. And when something goes wrong, look at it as an opportunity to learn and grow as you live, work and retire on purpose.

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