How Will You Be Of Service To Others Today?


When it comes to living, working and retiring on purpose, how will you be of service to others today? Hopefully, being of service is an important part of your life no matter what you do for work or play.

Why is being of service to others something to write and talk about? Look around. Plenty of people need help and all of us are in a position to be of service to others, especially once we know how amazing it makes us feel.

I’ve learned how important being of service to others is not only for my own happiness, but for my own mental health, really.

Here’s why …

If you’re like most people, life happens. And when life happens in a way that stresses you out, especially as you begin the face the later years in your live when health may begin to fail, family and close friends leave you, and the reality of transitioning into retirement becomes haunting, at best.

Given this, especially if you’re still working for a living and looking forward to building upon your purposeful retirement plan, the primary focus in financial, investment and retirement planning is often the money; creating new sources of income, investing wisely, and making prudent choices with your spending and lifestyle.

Yes, money is important. But does it make you happy all by itself? Probably not. In fact, I’ve found that lack of money and abundance of money both can create stress and deep anxiety for people. But being of service to others is the best antidote.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner most of my life, stress and fear have become a routine part of my life. As a result, in order to stay in the game of business profitably, and happily, I’ve had to adapt to many pressures and stresses. I’m sure the same is true for you. Of course, the money we earn, save and invest is a byproduct of all the many things we do when we build a business or career. But money is not really what you or I must put our entire focus upon.

When stress, fear or anxiety tend to overwhelm me, I’ve found being of service to others one of the best ways I can immediately feel better. Being of service to others helps me “get out of my own head” by focusing my time and attention on helping other people.

For example, later this morning, just after I post this article, I’ll head to downtown Phoenix and teach a class for homeless people who are ready to get jobs and turn their lives around. Going downtown used to scare me because the poverty and houselessness situation seemed so foreign to me; daunting. Hundreds of people every day seek a simple meal, shelter, clothes – the basics for survival. Of course, mental illness is the driver for this, but seeing it is one thing. Being a servant to it is entirely different.

Why Is Being of Service So Important?

You don’t have to be retired to be of service to others. To the contrary, the sooner you learn to be of service to others, the sooner you may experience what I did which was an entirely new way of being happy.

For me, it takes me away from what I imagine is wrong with me, my business, or any person, place or thing that may bother me, aggravate me, at any given time. Like you, I have ego, emotion, judgement, opinion and goals. Often, I get in my own way. My thinking is not clear. I may be tired, overwhelmed, but seldom ill, because I am blessed with great health and energy.

Being of service empowers you to give. “The secret of living is giving.” I think Tony Robbins said that years ago. But I’m too rushed getting ready to go downtown next to research that quote. I love the quote and practice is often.

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